My name is Andrea Krygier and I am a registered psychologist with 20 years of experience, who provides clinical counselling in both English and Spanish.

My practice is unique, not only because I am bilingual, but because I have the benefit of training under two complementary schools of counselling: the North American and European/South American approaches. The North American approach is characterized by a short-term and solution focused spirit, while the European/South American approach focuses more on the long-term and the root cause of clients’ presenting issues. This is an eclectic method that includes solution, cognitive-behavioural, narrative, social and psychoanalytical components to help people deal with their life challenges.

Re-positioning is a way of empowering the client to see things differently, to identify positive choices before making decisions. I challenge their beliefs, their self-labelling, in order to free them from a fear of change. I understand how important it is to not only provide solutions to clients’ problems but to give them the skills to work out future issues. I also look at external factors to behaviours and beliefs, as people do not live insulated from their environments. Through this holistic method, I am able to re-position their approach to life.